Carved Wood sign, cut on CNC Router

Carved wood sign


Salt Spring CNC is located on the south end of Salt Spring Island and in the heart of the Fulford Harbour. The first driveway on Isabella Point Road in fact. This company is an extension of our farm “Shepherds Purse Farm” and its wood / metal working and farm implementing shop. Our mission like most Salt Spring Farmers is to stay on Salt Spring. So between raising sheep, chickens, ducks, maintaining an apple orchard and market gardens we multi-task like most Salt Spring Farmers need to do. We are multi tasking type A, ADD, ADHD dynamos with not enough to do. Among other things Donna is a fine arts painter and Emily Carr grad and I (Ron) spent half a life time automating and optimizing a plethora of industrial processes. Couple that with my right leaning brain and Donna’s art and drive and we are Salt Spring CNC. Attached is one of our Carved wood signs.

Our Salt Spring adventure is a “build it and they will come” story. As of January 2010 it will be seven years in which time we have , built our house, our barn, all manner of farm infrastructure and started our business. Salt Spring CNC has been officially operating for 9 years.
I hope you enjoy the one of our Carved wood signs attached.


We will do anything for money. Really we won’t. Our hope and desire is that we will help to make our island neighbors and friends creative passions a reality. Through creative partnerships, whether it is a driveway sign, a B and B sign, a carved door or a component in a larger process our reward is in the task at hand and the fact that our customer has been looked after.

People have suggested posting the cost of the sign on the web site. We are going to give that a try for a bit. Costs do vary depending materials, finishing and the overall design effort. Hope that helps.