Address Signs

We make custom Metal  and wood house numbers and house number plaques.

Our metal plaques are made from welded 0.25 thick steel plate.  We will do painted or non painted, Tremclade or lacquer finishes also stainless or aluminum on request.  Just about any font is possible.   In fact we can just about make any thing you would  like.   All out address signs, letters and numbers are water jet cut which means there is virtually no limit to what material we can employ to make your visions real.  So if you have some thing special in mind please just send us an email at …

Our wood house numbers are all custom carved wood signs.  Each is designed and carved to your specific needs.

Address plaque made out of dyed mild steel and store bought letters


This Address plaque was custom made for Jen.  It is dyed mild steel with store bought letters.  Next time around we will just make the letters but really nice plaque regardless.

Stainless steel back lite letters and plaque

This is our deluxe stainless back lite illuminated house number sign.  Solid 1/4 inch stainless numbers and a 1/4 stainless plaque.  the letters and the plaque are back lit and sealed.


Gothic / Craftsman House Number

This Gothic / Craftsman house number sign is made of metal and stone.  The stone is inlay-ed into the metal and the numbers are inlay-ed into the stone.  It is heavy roughly ten pounds.  Very sturdy keyhole mounts so it is easy to surface mount.  Roughly 20 by 6 by 2 inches.  Each is custom made.  So just about any shape and size is possible.



Horizontal Metal House Number Plaque in 0.25 welded steel, lacquer paint and clear coat


Custom carved wood sign

Vertical Metal House Number Plaque in 0.25 welded steel, lacquer paint and clear coat


A custom hand made illuminated copper address sign.




Very large House number plaque made with 0.25 inch welded steel.  Lacquer painted black and white.



Illuminated House Number Sign in brushed stainless steel.  Using high quality warm white LED light strip and includes a DC power supply.


Carved wood sign



Polished welded stainless address plaque

Custom welded polished stainless steel address plaque going to Norway