Carved, Custom Wood Signs

Our automated 3D carving system will turn your vision into reality.  Our process starts with your requirements and ideas.  These are replicated in the software.  The results are simulated and presented to you for approval before the sign is cut.  Once the design is complete the sign can of course be cut and replicated or re-sized as necessary.  All of our signs are originals and customized to your specific needs.

We have the capacity to cut a 5 by 10 foot sign but can of course cut larger in multiple pieces or by reversing a longer part in the machine.

Here are some samples of custom wood signs that we have done.


Natural wood sign

A sign for Erin’s business in Whistler BC.  This sign is 18 by 48 inches.


Another sign for New York City – I do not know why have so many signs destine for NYC but we seems that we do have some sort of connection with the place.


Wood sign, pub sign, pool sign

Tracy wanted a gift for her cousin’s new pool.  She had a fabulous idea with the Belize North motif and palms.  We think it turn out great.


An indoor rustic wood sign with distressed paint and metal elements 10 feet in length.


A very chunky address sign.  This one turned out very nice.  Picture does not do it justice


Wood Fish Sign

Cedar fishing or fish theme sign, a fathers day gift maybe


Carved Oval Sign with a steel band.  The hanging brackets are temporary awaiting a new design.


A very special cabin sign.  Our customer wanted a rustic sign with elements from their past, hence the barbed wire and Texas stars.  We have to thank Rico and Tracy as they really inspired us.



Wood inlay sign with maple and cedar pieces.  Laser carved and cut.  This is a small sign that has much character and warmth.  It is going to make Lois very happy.


This was a very special gift for a very special guy.  The folly has some thing to do with an elevator, a very large tree and a tree fort.


Camping retreat sign, cabin sign

A Camp David sign for David.  This sign was designed by David and represents his vision for his Salt Spring Retreat.


Double sided carved wood sign with 3d text and raised border

A sign for Brenda and Ramona.   A double sided three dimensional carved wood sign.  $600.   This was Brendan design and we are very happy with the results.


Carved oval sign in cedar

A wedding gift for an entertaining couple


Another indoor rustic wood sign with distressed paint and metal elements  8 feet in length.


rustic painted sign

It is hard to see the rustic element of these signs.  We have done a few of these now.


Another Cabin sign, unfinished but turned out quite nice

Toad Hall Wood Sign

A gift for a “Wind in the Willows” fan.  We have received a number of  Toad Hall sign inquiry’s.  This one has turned out quite beautiful and was painted to match an outside seating areas color scheme.


Here are some laser engraved family establishment signs we did for Taemar as christmas gifts for her family.  These were cut in VFG Fir boards roughly 8.5 by 11 inches.  Costing approximately


Custom Bar Sign

A Irish bar sign / pup sign with a Celtic font.


Rustic facility signs

Rustic looking carved wood signs for a retirement community.

Carved wood sign, custome sign, farm sign, cabin sign

This is a 50 inch sign bound for Ontario.  A son’s and daughter’s gift to their parents.

A prototype sign for a local soap maker.  Garry had a pretty clear idea of what he was looking for and wanted to finish the sign himself.

Carved wood sign, custome sign, farm sign, cabin sign

These two signs were made for a Vancouver saw mill and their up coming trade show display.  They sent us their art work and these two pieces of cedar.  The signs were 8 feet long.

Carved circular wood sign

Here is a beautiful unfinished wood sign for Lisa and Leslie.  We almost could not bring ourselves to paint it but it had to be done.  This sign is 38 inches in diameter and it is double sided.

Beautifully Carved Wood Sign

Salt Spring Winery new sign for Dev and Joanne 48 inch

General Store Sign

A General Store sign head for Cranbrook BC.  Named after the owners grand mothers.


Sign for a Franklin Lloyd Wright designed cabin

This sign was pretty cool in that it was for a Franklin Lloyd Wright design cabin driveway.  Customer wanted to finish the sign on their own.

Carved wood sign, custome sign, farm sign, cabin sign

Beach cabin sign – a gift for for some friends.  She wanted a surf theme.  38 inches in length

Beach Cabin Sign

Another Beach Cabin sign

Beautiful Wood sign

A surprise for her husband.  Very nice woman in Langley.  52 inch sign

Carved wood sign, custome sign, farm sign, cabin sign

Another cabin sign.  28 inches in length

Carved wood sign, custome sign, farm sign, cabin sign

Yet another Cabin sign 28 inches in length

Carved wood sign, custome sign, farm sign, cabin sign

A simple garden sign. 24 inches in length


Wood Farm Sign


This was an interesting project.  We had to make 100 very inexpensive promotional signs for a brewery.  They already had decals designed for previous signage but wanted some thing more authentic.  We managed to carve these sign blanks with a raised border and area for the decal very efficiently and with a budget that suited the brewery.

carved wood sign

We have done a number of these donor recognition signs for a child development center  in Fort Saint John.  They have been a bit of a challenge as they all required the donor organizations logo to be incorporated into the sign but they were to also maintain a playful child like theme.

This a casting plug, a gift, for a friend who want to cast a plaque for his fathers grave.

Carved wood sign, custome sign, farm sign, cabin sign

And Yet another cabin sign

Donor recognition plaques for a children’s development center.  Even with a short dead line these were a lot of fun to make.

Beautifully Carved Wood Sign

A carved California Redwood Burl for Sebastian

Commercial Wood SIgn

Lloyd and Diane’s Music School signage awaiting final paint and finishing

Beautifully Carved Wood Sign

Mike and Marjorie’s farm sign.  48 inches

Beautifully Carved Wood Sign

Peter and Rachel’s B and B sign ready for finishing.  Peter was saving these wood blanks for a special project

Room dedication signs for a new municipal hall

A family retreat sign or cabin sign

Kees and Margriet’s B and B sign 36 by 24 by 2.5

Patio sign 36 by 6

Gord and Gerry’s B and B sign.  They did the finishing and installation on their own.

I can not tell you much about this sign as it is a secret, other than it is rammed earth and the mold was made for Ramtech.

One of two table top signs (20 by 20) we made for Salt Spring Organic Greens

This was a collaboration with Jim Witherspoon. Jim did most of the work and design for this plaque. It turned out great!!

A black board menu sign we made for the Fulford Hall Christmas Craft Fair

Bruce’s Kitchen sign number one and two

Driveway sign unfinished

This steel house number is made of 1/4 plasma cut numbers that are welded to a 1/8 steel plate painted and clear coated.

Ashley and Wendy’s display sign carving.  The overall design and finishing was done on their own.

One of two large signs for Salt Spring Organic Greens 36 by 36

Folk Club booth sign 96 by 30 inch was designed to hold four guitars on the display all of this related to the Fall Fair Folk Club booth where we had nearly two dozen guitars on display.

A very special and very large “G”

Driveway Sign for Mel and Colin

Island Gates and Fences wanted an inexpensive sign to added to there wooden gate and fence installations.

Fulford Hall Road sign on a piece of driftwood

Colin and Holly’s driveway sign in Victoria

This sign for the Beaver Point Hall was made from a stencil we made for the Hall

Cabin sign

Grandkids Bed Room

Driveway sign

Theresa and Mike’s house sign

A duck pond sign