Custom Metal Signs and Letters

We cut metal signs.  Inexpensive, quick turn around and stylish.    These are waterjet cut signs.  Which means we can cut just about cut any material.  Stone, glass, wood can all be incorporated into out metal signs.  We love to experiment.  These signs generally start at $100.  Size and material thickness will have an impact on material, cutting and shipping costs.  Still this is an effective way to go.  Here are some samples.


Beautiful Metal Sign

Restaurant sign , made out of mild and stainless steel, with rusted and dyed finishes.

3D Metal Sign

3d Metal sign off to to Michigan

3 dimensional metal sign with inlay-ed color glass and LED illumination on it’s way to its new home in the US Virgin Islands.

inlayed steel letters in a rustic metal sign

This sign was built for a new Restaurant in Victoria.   Ryan had his logo and a vision for a metal sign.  We had the idea for some thing rustic sign with the letters inlayed and welded into the steel but thick enough to be proud of the base.

Illuminated Metal Sign

A rustic wood and illuminated metal sign

Metal Sign with colored letters

A metal sign for Michelle located in Los Angeles for their brand new reception area.  Half inch thick aluminium with glass inlay and stainless mounting bolts.


Illuninated Metal SIgn


This is an illuminated sign roughly 8 feet in length.  Inlayed sign white plexiglass with warm white LED illumination.  I has a very warm glow to it.  Its destination is in Victoria BC.

Metal Door pull - rustic steel - stainless, powder coated and rusted elements

Rustic metal door pull for a restaurant

This is a beautiful piece of work.  Mild steel dyed black, and waxed.  Colored glass in-layed into the steel so it sits about 0.125 inches proud of the steel.  Illuminated with warm white LED strip.  Lights it up like a candle.  Very warm rich color but almost impossible to photograph.  We are going to be doing some experiments with this process as the results are amazing.

A 3D restaurant sign for the MrMikes franchise

Metal Cabin Sign

An interesting collaboration with  Gelinas Carr Furniture


A hand made solid copper sign for Chris and Linda

A large custom M logo with a rustic finish.

metal sign

Stainless steel engraved signs mount to rustic fir boards.  Canfor has become a good repeat customer

This is a sign in away.  The customers name is cut in a plaque on this custom range hood we built.  It is made of mild steel and dyed black.  Looks like it was made of cast iron.  We are very proud of this piece.

Washroom Signs

More washroom signs

Sign Bracket

Handmade Steel Sign Bracket

This is a hand made metal sign bracket

This was a very rewarding project.  A lot of work but great results.  Used the majority of a   4 X8 sheet of 1/4 inch plate  (cost $1400)


This was the second sign for this customer.  Again much work grinding and polishing.  It is made of 1/4 steel plate steel components welded and finished with a flat lacquer.  (cost $1200)

Business size for a theraphy clinic 
 Rustic steel sign in 1/4 inch plate 28 X 16 inches (cost $300)


Steel letters welded on to 3 inch standoffs and again on to a steel plate approximately 48 inches.  The entire sign is incorporated in to a stone wall.  (cost $325).



This is a laser engraved metal sign.  A process where the laser fuses a special coating to the metal.  It is a very tough coating difficult to sand off.  This had been wire brushed in the process and is still standing.   Cost runs about $150 a square foot but lasts a long long time.


Stainless steel sign on standoffs.  Illuminated from the back with out glass.


These are not signs.  They are however metal.  Custom metal chess boards nearly 0.25 mild steel with salt spring wool felt bottom.


Metal Sign Painted

Metal sign done in 1/8th inch steel and painted white (cost $175)


rustic steel direction sign

Small steel direction sign 24 inches. (cost $125)


Steel House Numbers

Very chunky steel house numbers.  Painted and mounted on stand offs and on to a painted 1/4 inch steel plate (cost $300)

Custom Metal Sign, Plasma Cutting

Metal drive way sign for a local engineer using a large piece of scrap structural steel

water jet cut metal sign

Two piece metal signs to be painted by the customer.  They need an indestructible sign.  Metal was the answer.